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The FIDUCIARY Standard
A Higher Standard

United States Congress drops the “F-BOMB”.  No, we’re not writing an introduction that you’re going to have to hide from your kids.  The F-word we’re about to discuss today is “FIDUCIARY”.  As you probably know, financial regulatory reform has been getting a lot of attention in the press lately.  Unfortunately, most investors do not know that FIDUCIARY DUTY was an early CASUALTY of the reform effort, thanks largely to Wall Street’s intense lobbying efforts.

Wikipedia says “A FIDUCIARY duty is the highest standard of care at either equity or law.  A FIDUCIARY is expected to be extremely loyal to the person to whom he owes the duty: he must not put his personal interests before the duty, and must not profit from his position as a FIDUCIARY, unless the principal consents.  The word itself comes originally from the Latin fides, meaning faith, and fiducia, trust.”

As a general rule, financial product sales professionals such as insurance agents and stockbrokers are NOT fiduciaries in regard to the investment advice and recommendations they dispense.  While some brokers and agents may try to do what is in their clients’ best interests, they are not REQUIRED to do so!

Bottom line, if you have ever, or are currently receiving financial advice from anyone who is not legally bound to a FIDUCIARY STANDARD, your best interests are not legally required to be considered first.

EFINITY FINANCIAL is changing the way consumers view finance.  We are your trusted advisor and it is our FIDUCIARY duty to put your money, your future, and your interests first.

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