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Dynamic, Diversified Investment Allocation

Efinity Managed Money

Do your investment returns and volatility match your financial needs?  Efinity Financial takes the investment methods used by many large institutions and endowments and makes them available to retail investors.

Most people invest their money to increase its value or generate income, and sometimes a mixture of both.  Although their investment goals may be achievable over the long-term, short-term volatility can have a profoundly negative effect on their financial position and peace of mind.  Investments and investment managers that rarely change investment allocation and produce returns that fluctuate broadly in line with stock markets may no longer sit well with these investors.

A truly diversified and dynamic approach that adapts to market change may be more suitable.  An approach that has the flexibility to actively invest across diverse asset classes seeking the highest probability of positive returns, while attempting to avoid areas of increasing potential for loss of principal, may be warranted.

The time might be right for a sophisticated investment approach with the ability to add value in both up and down markets.  Dynamic allocation strategies  comprise a range of actively managed investment portfolios offering clients a choice of investment returns in a simple to understand, openly communicated, cost-efficient account structure.  This provides you with the choice to select suitable investment options while providing flexibility when your needs or market characteristics change.

Each portfolio starts with a broadly diversified ‘base allocation’ of assets selected to match your stated ‘risk tolerance’.  As economic and market conditions change, each portfolio allocation is modified according to that portfolios investment methodology and your risk tolerance. Our 8 base portfolios are as follows:

Key Points

  • An approach that actively responds to economic changes.
  • One size rarely fits all.
  • A range of appreciation and income generating solutions.
  • For the long term investor, asset allocation is a primary determinant of returns.
  • Built to meet your financial and emotional needs.
  • A smoother investment ride.
  • Limiting losses while participating in gains.


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