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Our Approach

The Efinity Difference – Customized strategies, specific to your needs.

Efinity Financial has developed a unique approach to financial planning.  We understand that wealth means different things to different people.  Utilizing our collective expertise, we help our clients focus on what’s important to them and help them create a financial plan tailored to their financial personality and objectives. 

Our investment solutions combine modern theories of portfolio management with insights from the field of behavioral finance and psychology.   Taking into consideration all aspects of investment decision-making allows us to gain a more accurate understanding of you as an investor.

Looking at every aspect of your portfolio and estate from a holistic perspective, our approach allows us to create customized portfolios that match your personality, objectives, and risk tolerance, all at once.

At the end of the day, you can be confident that the resulting portfolio will be as individual as you are.

Efinity Client-Centric Investment Approach.

You and Your Wealth

Analysis From a Fiduciary Perspective

Tailored Portfolio Construction

Active Management


“Get to know you” meeting. Are we a good fit to move forward? Do our personalities and philosophies warrant a second meeting?

Discovery and Data

A complete picture of your investments, insurance and other pertinent data needed to make recommendations.

Identifying the Right Investments for You

Connecting your financial personality with the appropriate investments best suited to your risk tolerance.

The Four Pillars

Asset Allocation, diversification, regular investing, rebalancing. Hallmarks of a good plan.


Risk Assessment Questionnaire to determine your risk tolerance and overall views and biases about the markets and investing.

Pricing and Risk

Understanding your current advisor relationship. Analysis to discover the true cost of your existing plan as well as relevant risk/ reward ratios.

The Plan

-IPS (Investment Policy Statement)
-RIP (Retirement Income Plan)

Transparency & Communication

Ongoing service to include monitoring, reporting, performance evaluation and face-to-face reviews.





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